I’ve put together this sample of a variety of different gold leaf techniques on glass (the reverse or back of the glass). It looks much better in person (feel free to email me to schedule a consultation), but this should help you decide what type of gild you want for your business or transom (glass panel above the door). They can be put into two categories: Water Gilds/Burnished (think shiny and reflective) and oil gilds/matte (non-reflective). Please note, these are all 23 Karat Gold except the bottom right.

From left to right starting at the top

1st Row: Matte Gild with Abalone center, Matte Gild with Convex effects, Matte Gild, Matte Gild with outline, Matte Gild with Outline and shade

2nd Row: Burnished Gild, Burnished Gild with Outline, Burnished Gild with Outline and Shade

3rd Row: Burnished Gild with Matte center, Matte Gild with Burnished Center, 12 Karat White Gold Burnished Gild with Matte Center, 18 Karat Lemon Gold Burnished Gild with Matte Center, 23 Karat Gold Burnished Gild with Matte Center

Gold Leaf Sample