This past winter, we were able to decorate the windows of San Francisco’s only fly fishing shop, Lost Coast Outfitters. In the shadow of the Transmerica Pyramid, Lost Coast has become the premier shop in the Bay area whether looking for new gear or sage wisdom from seasoned anglers.

To compliment such an iconic shop, we completed a gold leaf sign of their logo on their front glass. For this project we chose a 23 Karat Red gold leaf made by Wehrung & Billmeier, America’s last gold beaters. In order to get maximum visibility, the sign has a slight black outline accompanied with two different tones of gold leaf: a mirror outline and a matte center. This mixing of techniques allowed the red gold leaf to really jump off the glass, while still having an understated design. For this reason, the Victorians always preferred it at the turn of the last century, it turned flat static glass into something more dynamic.

it was truly an honor to be a fly on their wall the few days I was working in their shop.