Addy’s Hair Salon came to Gentleman Scholar Signs looking for a new update on there old sign. After evaluating their logo, it became clear that the sign would look best in gold. The salon borders downtown San Francisco as you can see the beautiful architecture in the reflection of the glass. The sign was done in reverse on the inside of the glass which protects it from exterior wear.

For the gold leaf, we selected 23 karat gold leaf and included 3 different finishes in the lettering. The signage includes a subtle black shade, a 23 karat mirrored outline and a matte finish center for the main portion of the logo. The words “Hair Salon” were completed with a slight black outline and a matte gold leaf finish to complement the main signage. To the sides of this, we placed mother of pearl in the diamond shapes to accents the lettering. Using a mother of pearl veneer, the piece was delicately cut to shape and placed in the center of the black diamonds.

The signage for Addy’s would have been exceptional over 100 years ago when this style came into fashion. Gold leaf signs were typical for doctors and lawyers, but in San Francisco it became fashionable for many businesses, including hair salons and barbershops.

photo of a gold leaf sign on a window, text reads "Addy's Hair Salon"
photo of a gold leaf sign on a window, text reads "Salon"

The Sign makes an excellent backdrop for fresh hair cuts and styles.

Photo of person in mask with gold leaf signage behind them.