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Hand Painted Signs for Twitter

Twitter tapped Gentleman Scholar Signs to do a large scale hand lettered wall painting of a hashtag that was currently trending on Twitter in reference to the Independence…

15 Romolo

Signs utilizing distressed hand lettering techniques for these hand painted signs at 15 Romolo and The Basque Hotel. These painted signs are a new addition to the building…


Hand lettered signs on acrylic at the Levis Flagship Store

Levis Hand Lettered Signs

Hand lettered signs at the Levis flagship store in San Francisco. This job was a sign painters dream and hand painting these signs for Levis was a humbling…


Hand Lettered hanging signs at Bi-Rite San Francisco

4505 Meats

12 foot long Menu board with removeable slats


Mural painted inside Straw

Mission Picnic

Custom menu painted directly on the wall with a chalkboard paint background