Nick’s Cove has been located on the waters of Tomales Bay for nearly 100 years. It opened in 1933 first as a bar right after the repeal of prohibition. Seizing on a golden opportunity like owning a bar sure beat it’s original purpose – a smoke house for fish. Located on stilts above the tidal flats, Nick’s Cove looks out onto Tomales Bay. The waters of Tomales Bay and nearby estuaries sustained the Coastal Miwok people for millenia as they had camps in the area.

Currently owned by Highway 1 Hospitality, they sought to freshen up the historic cottages and restaurant with a rebrand which was cleverly executed by Outerlands Studio. Gentleman Scholar Signs was fortunate to collaborate on this project by hand painting a mural, a new facade and accent signage.

The first phase was a hand illustrated mural that was then hand painted inside the restaurant. This area normally serves as the food pick up station and is heavily trafficked.

Hand painted mural of cottages on historic tomales bay. Background on a slatted wall in a restaurant.
Hand painted mural inside of Nick’s Cove.

Directly behind the mural are the historic cottages that were renovated and updated.

Keeping with the tradition at Nick’s Cove, the signage was hand painted throughout.

The Historic Boat shack even had it’s sign updated. Unfortunately, It was partially burned down in early 2024 right after the New Year.